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Inspirational Cotton Drawstring Storage Bags, Renewal and Preservation - Honestly Brave

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Being organised is has always been the key to being successful. In life, there are many trips to be taken be it abroad or a simple trip to the gym where daily essentials are required to be taken along.

The usefulness of cotton bags – A drawstring bag easily fastens with a pull of the ropes which in turn your items or laundry securely in the cotton bag acting as a liner preventing odours from spreading to your main bag. It can be taken out for camping trips, vacations or to the gym.

With the objective of being eco-friendly, our cotton drawstring bags are made of cotton which is a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable material.

The importance of mental and physical wellness – Mental and physical wellness are both equally important. A healthy mind is paramount when dealing with stressful times in life it affects your physical health and ability to participate in healthy behaviours. To strike a balance by being physically active by participating in forms of exercise that you enjoy. Some ways to maintaining a healthy mind are by having a balanced diet, exercising to relieve stress, play games or puzzles to stimulate your brain and keep it young.

Renewal and Preservation – In this collection, we were inspired by spa treatments and yoga which are great ways to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish; in order to be able to contribute to family and society, you would have to ensure your needs are met so that you would be at your best.

Nothing like a good soak in the tub after a long productive day.

Wellness begins with you, striking a balance in every aspects of life is the way to go.

A Carryall Pouch for all Seasons - Honestly Brave

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Seasons of life - There is always a time for fun, a time for work, a time to travel and a time to relax. During these times, especially when you are always on the go, stay organized with these carryall pouches.

What Matters Most Collection - Honestly Brave

As the year draws to a close, it is a great time to reflect on what really matters to you. This collection is Honestly Brave's first self-manufactured cardholders. Lovingly drawn and made with many thoughts on what truly matters. We hope that you would lend us your support :)

Brave Woman Snippets: featuring Mrs B.H. Oon

Image credit: World of Buzz

Mrs BH Oon was born in 1898, her name is Lim Beng Hong but prefers to be addressed as Mrs BH Oon.

First Malayan female lawyer to be called to the English Bar - She schooled at ST George’s Girl’s School in Penang and became the first Malayan, ethnic-Chinese woman Barrister in Penang as well as the first female lawyer in Malaya. She was the first female lawyer to be called to the English Bar in 1926.

Brave Woman Snippets: featuring Elizabeth Choy

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Image Credit: Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore.

This national day month, Honestly Brave would like to celebrate one of Singapore’s founding mothers, none other than Elizabeth Choy.

The early life of Elizabeth Choy - She was born in Kudat, North Borneo which is now known as Sabah, her grandparents first moved from Hong Kong to Sabah to assist German missionaries in their work. She was raised by a Kadazan nanny and spoke Kadazan as her first language, later in life she became an Anglican at St Monica's Boarding School and took on the name Elizabeth. She pursued higher education at Raffles College, to pay for her tuition fees, she began to teach at St Margaret's School and then at St Andrew's School. She married Choy Khun Heng in 1941.