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Happy Mother's Day From All of us at Honestly Brave

Motherhood, Woman, you are respected. A mother carries a child for 9 months in her womb allowing her body to shift in ways she may not appreciate and the process of birth either stretches or cuts. Either way, it leaves scars. The raising of her child takes the sacrifice of sleep and the life she is used to. Her job is 24 hours. It never ends.

A mother who lives her life for her child is a gift. When she is selfless and puts every waking moments on the well-being of her child. Mothers are a gift, especially selfless ones, whose main concern are their children. A mother's heart is unique and precious. Love is her language. She is brave when she needs to be, vulnerable when she needs to be. Compassionate at any cost to be the strength when her child has none.
Honestly Brave salutes all mothers this month. It's to honour you. Then again when you're a mother, mother’s day is every day, you should be honoured 365 days a year. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY beautifully created mommas!!