Brave Woman Snippets: featuring Mrs B.H. Oon

Lim Beng Hong was the first female lawyer to be called to the English Bar in 1926.
Image credit: World of Buzz

Mrs BH Oon was born in 1898, her name is Lim Beng Hong but prefers to be addressed as Mrs BH Oon.

First Malayan female lawyer to be called to the English Bar - She schooled at ST George’s Girl’s School in Penang and became the first Malayan, ethnic-Chinese woman Barrister in Penang as well as the first female lawyer in Malaya. She was the first female lawyer to be called to the English Bar in 1926.

Mrs BH Oon's contributions to the country of Malaysia  - She had many achievements over the years working as a lawyer under her own practice for 50 years. She also applied to the Bar of the Straits Settlement and the Federated Malay States, which at the time only men were admitted. The rules were changed to allow her to be admitted as the Bar’s first female Asian lawyer.
She served in in the Federal Legislative Council where she works on conservation on national-buildings, was a co-founder of the Malayan Chinese Association and a local councillor in Butterworth. Initiated a Women’s Charter for Pan-Malay Labour Party’s manifesto.

Award Mrs Bh Oon received - She was awarded the Order of the British Empire for her public services. In 1971 and became the President of the International Federation of Women Lawyers.

Mrs BH Oon passed away in 1979 at the age of 81.

We can learn from BH Oon by not being daunted by male-dominated industries and occupations, We have to hang on to our dreams and work for what we desire.  Who knows, in your trade, be a very valuable citizen who contributes to the betterment of all in the community.