Successful & Inspirational Women Snippets - Aly Rauff

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On Instagram, a popular yoga teacher and personal trainer from Singapore is Aly Rauff.

She is a certified yoga instructor and fitness professional who teaches on Hatha with elements of Vinyasa flow yoga. Her passion for yoga inspired her to be a vegan.

Aly is living proof that a change in your ways in life makes a huge difference, a couple of years back she used to live a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. She hopes to share her knowledge and experiences through her classes and social media.

She empowers others with her discussions about self-love, good self-esteem and leading an active and healthy lifestyle through her Instagram feeds and classes.

Women and caregiving - Honestly Brave

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Women from the dawn of time have been known to be the main caregivers of the family unit. It is the norm in most countries for the wife/mother to be the one who has the responsibility to care for the children and elderly.

In hospitals, about 70% of their employees who are women, serving as workers and caregivers. 50% of the workforce in many countries also comprises of women.

In every industry, there is always the question on why are they so few women in leadership roles. The fact is that most women have to hold back or even end their careers for the well-being of their families. It is like a double shift daily from work than at home taking care of all the family needs.

There are improvements as modern-day women have the options of working from home, starting their own businesses online and husbands too step up to share family duties as a two-income family is necessary due to the rising cost of living.

Hopefully, more support provided by companies and the government can ease the dilemma most women face choosing between work or family time.

Successful & Inspirational Women Snippets - Featuring Juliana C Stryker

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Successful Women Snippets - Juliana C Stryker by Honestly Brave

Juliana C Stryker is a truly an amazing Singaporean entrepreneur, She took a leap of faith and became a full-time lifestyle consultant.  

Singapore Lifestyle Blogger Juliana’s blog is focused on topics such as beauty, travel and fashion.  Where she shares about her adventures, most noteworthy of all was her Disney themed wedding and pre-wedding shoots photographs.

Taking the path less ventured an unconventional career – She is the founder of Honeys Cube an online beauty encyclopaedia and Honeyz PaintHouse, a party studio.  The party studio is a very lively and vibrant environment, perfect for photoshoots it also an excellent events venue.

She is also a founder and managing director of a mobile clinic, RESCU a house call doctor service which treats people in the comfort of their homes.  Rescu  is registered in a regulatory sandbox with MOH.

Enterprising and creative are words which I would use to describe Juliana, she is truly an inspiration for those of us who aspire to be a girl boss. 

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Brave Woman Snippets: featuring Ida Simmons

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 Featuring Ida Simmons as a Brave Women
The photo was taken from the Ministry of Health. (1997). More than a Calling: Nursing in Singapore Since 1885 Singapore: Ministry of Health.
The first public health nurse of Singapore- Ida M. M. Simmons. She came from Scotland and joined the Straits Settlements Medical Department in December 1926. She introduced infant and maternal health services in Singapore.

Infant mortality was high in 1927, 263 of every 1000 babies in Singapore died in their first year. In the Malay community, 300 of every 1000 babies died. Ida picked up the language of Malay and went to every Village to unravel the cause of the high mortality rate of the infants. A mobile dispensary was launched by the health department to aid with Ida’s work. These Vehicles would take Ida to various locations during her house calls. Transporting those in need medical attention or bringing doctors to the house. In 1927 the medical team reduced the infant mortality rate to 57 per 1000 babies that year an exceptional record.

Inspirational Cotton Drawstring Storage Bags, Renewal and Preservation - Honestly Brave

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Being organised is has always been the key to being successful. In life, there are many trips to be taken be it abroad or a simple trip to the gym where daily essentials are required to be taken along.

Inspirational Cotton Drawstring Bags for sale

The usefulness of cotton bags – A drawstring bag easily fastens with a pull of the ropes which in turn your items or laundry securely in the cotton bag acting as a liner preventing odours from spreading to your main bag. It can be taken out for camping trips, vacations or to the gym.

With the objective of being eco-friendly, our cotton drawstring bags are made of cotton which is a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable material.

The importance of mental and physical wellness – Mental and physical wellness are both equally important. A healthy mind is paramount when dealing with stressful times in life it affects your physical health and ability to participate in healthy behaviours. To strike a balance by being physically active by participating in forms of exercise that you enjoy. Some ways to maintaining a healthy mind are by having a balanced diet, exercising to relieve stress, play games or puzzles to stimulate your brain and keep it young.

Renewal and Preservation – In this collection, we were inspired by spa treatments and yoga which are great ways to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish; in order to be able to contribute to family and society, you would have to ensure your needs are met so that you would be at your best.

Nothing like a good soak in the tub after a long productive day.

Wellness begins with you, striking a balance in every aspects of life is the way to go.

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A Carryall Pouch for all Seasons - Honestly Brave

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Carry all pouch for all season by Honestly Brave

Seasons of life - There is always a time for fun, a time for work, a time to travel and a time to relax. During these times, especially when you are always on the go, stay organized with these carryall pouches.