Women and caregiving - Honestly Brave

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Women from the dawn of time have been known to be the main caregivers of the family unit. It is the norm in most countries for the wife/mother to be the one who has the responsibility to care for the children and elderly.

In hospitals, about 70% of their employees who are women, serving as workers and caregivers. 50% of the workforce in many countries also comprises of women.

In every industry, there is always the question on why are they so few women in leadership roles. The fact is that most women have to hold back or even end their careers for the well-being of their families. It is like a double shift daily from work than at home taking care of all the family needs.

There are improvements as modern-day women have the options of working from home, starting their own businesses online and husbands too step up to share family duties as a two-income family is necessary due to the rising cost of living.

Hopefully, more support provided by companies and the government can ease the dilemma most women face choosing between work or family time.